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AcademicPlanning [no description available]
Account-notice Account status notifications
Adv-aanonsen Advisor list for Aanonsen, Lin
Adv-abel Advisor list for Abel, Brigetta
Adv-abeverid Advisor list for Beveridge, Andrew
Adv-abilling Advisor list for Billing, Andrew
Adv-aciafone Advisor list for Ciafone, Amanda
Adv-adamon Advisor list for Damon, Amy
Adv-addona Advisor list for Addona, Vittorio
Adv-adler Advisor list for Adler, Franklin
Adv-aelkins Advisor list for Elkins, Amy
Adv-ajames2 Advisor list for James, Ariel
Adv-ajohns24 Advisor list for Johnson, Alicia
Adv-akastont Advisor list for Kaston Tange, Andrea
Adv-akayiato Advisor list for Kayiatos, Anastasia
Adv-alwilliams Advisor list for Williams, Anna
Adv-amarsh1 Advisor list for Marsh, Abigail
Adv-aminnick Advisor list for Minnick, Ann
Adv-amitche3 Advisor list for Mitchell, Arthur
Adv-amunoz Advisor list for Munoz, Alicia
Adv-andersonp Advisor list for Anderson, Patricia
Adv-aslanian Advisor list for Aslanian, Paul
Adv-awilli11 Advisor list for Williams, Anna
Adv-barcus Advisor list for Barcus, Holly
Adv-bheggese Advisor list for Heggeseth, Brianna
Adv-bjackson Advisor list for Jackson, Bret
Adv-bjohnso8 Advisor list for Johnson, Brian
Adv-blancoiglesi Advisor list for Blanco-Iglesias, Susana
Adv-blaney Advisor list for Blaney, David
Adv-blozensk Advisor list for Lozenski, Brian
Adv-blush Advisor list for Lush, Brian
Adv-bognanni Advisor list for Bognanni, Peter
Adv-boychuk Advisor list for Boychuk, Terry
Adv-boyer Advisor list for Boyer, Sarah
Adv-bressoud Advisor list for Bressoud, David
Adv-brisbois Advisor list for Brisbois, Ronald
Adv-brown Advisor list for Brown, Kendrick
Adv-brownd Advisor list for Brown, Diane
Adv-bvoigt Advisor list for Voigt, Benjamin
Adv-ccalder2 Advisor list for Calderone, Christopher
Adv-ccassagn Advisor list for Cassagne, Claude
Adv-celikkol Advisor list for Celikkol, Ayse
Adv-cgiannin Advisor list for Giannini, Claudia
Adv-cgilleno [no description available]
Adv-chadaga Advisor list for Chadaga, Julia
Adv-chammers Advisor list for Hammers, Corie
Adv-chanson5 Advisor list for Hanson, Christy
Adv-chapman Advisor list for Chapman, Alan
Adv-chatterjead Advisor list for Chatterjea, Devavani
Adv-christiansen Advisor list for Christiansen, Adrienne
Adv-cjarrin Advisor list for Jarrin, Casey
Adv-cleary Advisor list for Cleary, Beth
Adv-cmanning Advisor list for Manning, Christie
Adv-cmoten Advisor list for Moten, Crystal
Adv-coconnell [no description available]
Adv-cooey Advisor list for Cooey, Paula
Adv-craddock Advisor list for Craddock, John
Adv-ctopaz Advisor list for Higdon-Topaz, Chad
Adv-davis Advisor list for Davis, Mark
Adv-davise Advisor list for Davis, Erik
Adv-dawes Advisor list for Dawes, James
Adv-dburgund Advisor list for Burgund, Darcy
Adv-dcao Advisor list for Cao, Dennis
Adv-ding Advisor list for Ding, Liang
Adv-dolan Advisor list for Dolan, Julie
Adv-dorca Advisor list for Dorca, Antonio
Adv-dosch Advisor list for Dosch, Jerald
Adv-dosh Advisor list for Dosh, Paul
Adv-doyle Advisor list for Doyle, James
Adv-dshuman1 Advisor list for Shuman, David
Adv-earnold Advisor list for Arnold, Ellen
Adv-ebusse Advisor list for Busse-Cardenas, Erika
Adv-ecapello Advisor list for Capello, Ernesto
Adv-ecarroll Advisor list for Carroll, Eric
Adv-ecarter Advisor list for Carter, Eric
Adv-emosinge Advisor list for Mosinger, Eric
Adv-englishd Advisor list for English, Daylanne
Adv-erogers2 Advisor list for Rogers, Eugene
Adv-esposito Advisor list for Esposito, Christina
Adv-evans Advisor list for Evans, Jeff
Adv-ferderer Advisor list for Ferderer, Pete
Adv-ffriedt Advisor list for Friedt, Felix
Adv-fgreen Advisor list for Green, Frederik
Adv-fischer Advisor list for Fischer, Paul
Adv-flath Advisor list for Flath, Daniel
Adv-folina Advisor list for Folina, Janet
Adv-fox Advisor list for Fox, Susan
Adv-franklin Advisor list for Franklin, Cary
Adv-free Advisor list for Free, Addy
Adv-ggorham Advisor list for Gorham, Geoffrey
Adv-glade Advisor list for Lade, Gabriel
Adv-gleiter Advisor list for Leiter, George
Adv-godollei Advisor list for Godollei, Ruthann
Adv-goldman Advisor list for Goldman, Nanette
Adv-gonsongo Advisor list for Onsongo, Getiria
Adv-gonzalez Advisor list for Gonzalez, Galo
Adv-gunderson Advisor list for Gunderson, Martin
Adv-guneratne Advisor list for Guneratne, Arjun
Adv-haiman Advisor list for Haiman, John
Adv-halverson Advisor list for Halverson, Thomas
Adv-hammarberg Advisor list for Hammarberg, Gitta
Adv-harris Advisor list for Harris, Duchess
Adv-heist Advisor list for Heist, Rebecca
Adv-heyman Advisor list for Heyman, James
Adv-hornbach Advisor list for Hornbach, Daniel
Adv-hoye Advisor list for Hoye, Rebecca
Adv-hudson Advisor list for Hudson, Lynn
Adv-huener Advisor list for Huener, Rachael
Adv-ichang Advisor list for Chang, I-Chun Catherine
Adv-inglot Advisor list for Inglot, Joanna
Adv-itchouka Advisor list for Tchoukarine, Igor
Adv-jansen Advisor list for Jansen, Elizabeth
Adv-jbenson4 Advisor list for Benson, Joseph
Adv-jcannon Advisor list for Cannon, John
Adv-jkaregey Advisor list for Karegeye, Jean-Pierre
Adv-jkim5 Advisor list for Kim, John
Adv-jmanor Advisor list for Manor, Julia
Adv-jmonson1 Advisor list for Monson, Jamie
Adv-jmrogers Advisor list for Rogers, Juliette
Adv-johnsonl1 Advisor list for Johnson, Leola
Adv-jortizdi Advisor list for Ortiz Diaz, J. Ernesto
Adv-jpearso4 Advisor list for Pearson, Jessica
Adv-kaplan Advisor list for Kaplan, Daniel
Adv-kauffeld Advisor list for Kauffeld, Cynthia
Adv-keyser Advisor list for Keyser, Daniel
Adv-kheysse Advisor list for Heysse, Kristin
Adv-kim Advisor list for Kim, Sung Kyu
Adv-knaca Advisor list for Naca, Kristin
Adv-kordela Advisor list for Kordela, Kiarina
Adv-kousha Advisor list for Kousha, Mahnaz
Adv-kphilli2 Advisor list for Phillips, Katrina
Adv-krier Advisor list for Krier, Theresa
Adv-krueger Advisor list for Krueger, Gary
Adv-kruse Advisor list for Kruse, Tina
Adv-kshepher Advisor list for Shepherdson-Scott, Kari
Adv-kurthschai Advisor list for Kurth-Schai, Ruthanne
Adv-kuwata Advisor list for Kuwata, Keith
Adv-kvelez Advisor list for Velez, Karin
Adv-kyan Advisor list for Kyan, Winston
Adv-laine Advisor list for Laine, James
Adv-lainej Advisor list for Laine, Joy
Adv-lanegran Advisor list for Lanegran, David
Adv-larsone Advisor list for Larson, Erik
Adv-latham Advisor list for Latham, Andrew
Adv-lbradtmi Advisor list for Bradtmiller, Louisa
Adv-lduan Advisor list for Duan, Lian
Adv-lea Advisor list for Lea, Brooke
Adv-llavery Advisor list for Lavery, Lesley
Adv-llehnen Advisor list for Lehnen, Leila
Adv-llendway Advisor list for Lendway, Lisa
Adv-lmilne Advisor list for Milne, Lauren
Adv-lmueller Advisor list for Mueller, Lisa
Adv-lnielsen Advisor list for Nielsen, Lara
Adv-lsturtz Advisor list for Sturtz, Linda
Adv-lwitus Advisor list for Witus, Leah
Adv-lziegel1 Advisor list for Ziegelmeier, Lori
Adv-macgregor Advisor list for MacGregor, Kelly
Adv-madamson Advisor list for Adamson, Morgan
Adv-martyn Advisor list for Martyn, David
Adv-mazullo Advisor list for Mazullo, Mark
Adv-mburgess Advisor list for Burgess, Matt
Adv-mesat Advisor list for Mesa Adamuz, Teresa
Adv-mgriffi1 Advisor list for Griffin, Michael
Adv-mheskel Advisor list for Heskel, Mary
Adv-michelfelder Advisor list for Michelfelder, Diane
Adv-mjames1 Advisor list for James, Marlon
Adv-mjerald Advisor list for Jerald, Morgan
Adv-mmandara Advisor list for Mandarano, Mark
Adv-mmcgaghi Advisor list for McGaghie, Michael
Adv-mmillig1 Advisor list for Milligan, Marianne
Adv-moe Advisor list for Moe, Karine
Adv-molsen Advisor list for Olsen, Margaret
Adv-montgomery Advisor list for Montgomery, Mary
Adv-mooredc Advisor list for Moore, David
Adv-mortega Advisor list for Ortega, Marcos
Adv-moseley Advisor list for Moseley, William
Adv-mreilly Advisor list for Reilly, Megan
Adv-msleeper Advisor list for Sleeper, Morgan
Adv-msolisga Advisor list for Solis-Garcia, Mario
Adv-mvossler Advisor list for Vossler, Megan
Adv-mwilson5 Advisor list for Wilson, Brett
Adv-narita Advisor list for Larson, Ritsuko
Adv-nchudgar Advisor list for Chudgar, Neil
Adv-nedelsky Advisor list for Nedelsky, Nadya
Adv-nhensley Advisor list for Hensley, Nathan
Adv-niemi Advisor list for Niemi, Jayne
Adv-ogonzale Advisor list for Gonzalez, Olga
Adv-ostrove Advisor list for Ostrove, Joan
Adv-overman Advisor list for Overman, Andrew
Adv-overvoorde Advisor list for Overvoorde, Paul
Adv-patten Advisor list for Patten, Sonia
Adv-pcantrel Advisor list for Cantrell, Paul
Adv-petersg Advisor list for Peters, Gisela
Adv-pgeng Advisor list for Geng, Penelope
Adv-phadke Advisor list for Phadke, Roopali
Adv-ping Advisor list for Wang, Ping
Adv-rachleff Advisor list for Rachleff, Peter
Adv-rbarrett Advisor list for Barrett, Ron
Adv-rbauer Advisor list for Bauer, Randall
Adv-rdaugter Advisor list for Daughters, Randy
Adv-redgingt Advisor list for Edgington, Ryan
Adv-rhandlerspitz Advisor list for Handler-Spitz, Rivi
Adv-rhodes Advisor list for Rhodes, Jane
Adv-rlucasth Advisor list for Lucas-Thompson, Rachel
Adv-robertson Advisor list for Robertson, Raymond
Adv-robertsona Advisor list for Cremer, Andrea
Adv-rogers Advisor list for Rogers, Raymond
Adv-rogersk Advisor list for Curry Rogers, Kristina
Adv-rshield2 Advisor list for Shields-Cutler, Robin
Adv-samatar Advisor list for Samatar, Ahmed
Adv-samman Advisor list for Samman, Khaldoun
Adv-sanjuan Advisor list for Aguilar-San Juan, Karin
Adv-sarker Advisor list for Sarker, Sonita
Adv-sasarnow Advisor list for Asarnow, Samuel
Adv-sauret Advisor list for Sauret, Martine
Adv-saxe Advisor list for Saxe, Karen
Adv-scakir Advisor list for Cakir, Samantha
Adv-schmidtp Advisor list for Schmidt, Patrick
Adv-schultesasse Advisor list for Schulte-Sasse, Linda
Adv-scottcd Advisor list for Scott, Christopher
Adv-sdrake Advisor list for Drake, Susanna
Adv-sears Advisor list for Sears, Stanton
Adv-severy Advisor list for Severy-Hoven, Beth
Adv-sgreen3 Advisor list for Green, Susan
Adv-sgugliel Advisor list for Guglielmo, Steve
Adv-shahp Advisor list for Shah, Paru
Adv-shandy Advisor list for Shandy, Dianna
Adv-shoop Advisor list for Shoop, Elizabeth
Adv-slegge Advisor list for Legge, Scott
Adv-smithd Advisor list for Smith, Deborah
Adv-smithl Advisor list for Smith, Laura
Adv-sno Advisor list for No, Sun
Adv-splank Advisor list for Splan, Kathryn
Adv-sruther1 Advisor list for Rutherford, Stephanie
Adv-ssen Advisor list for Sen, Shilad
Adv-steinman Advisor list for Steinman, Clay
Adv-strauss Advisor list for Strauss, Jaine
Adv-sukhatme Advisor list for Sukhatme, Vasant
Adv-suzuki Advisor list for Suzuki, Satoko
Adv-syalcin Advisor list for Yalcin, Serdar
Adv-tam Advisor list for Tam, Yue-him
Adv-tatinge Advisor list for Tatinge Nascimento, Claudia
Adv-terveldhuis Advisor list for ter Veldhuis, Tonnis
Adv-trudeau Advisor list for Trudeau, Daniel
Adv-tschey Advisor list for Schey, Taylor
Adv-varberg Advisor list for Varberg, Thomas
Adv-vitiello Advisor list for Vitiello, Joelle
Adv-vmalawey Advisor list for Malawey, Victoria
Adv-vongeldern Advisor list for von Geldern, James
Adv-warde Advisor list for Warde, Robert
Adv-warren Advisor list for Warren, Karen
Adv-waters Advisor list for Waters Jr., Harry
Adv-weberw Advisor list for Weber, Wendy
Adv-weisensel Advisor list for Weisensel, Peter
Adv-wells Advisor list for Wells, Chris
Adv-welmelig Advisor list for Elmeligi, Wessam
Adv-wenner Advisor list for Wenner, Jennifer
Adv-wests Advisor list for West, Sarah
Adv-wfricke Advisor list for Fricke, Wynn
Adv-whart1 Advisor list for Hart, William
Adv-wiertelak Advisor list for Wiertelak, Eric
Adv-wilcox Advisor list for Wilcox, William
Adv-willcox Advisor list for Willcox, Chris
Adv-wirth Advisor list for Wirth, Karl
Adv-wmitchel Advisor list for Mitchell, William
Adv-wong Advisor list for Wong, Chuen-Fung
Adv-xyang Advisor list for Yang, Xin
Adv-zgursel Advisor list for Gursel, Zeynep
Adv-zis Advisor list for Zis, Michael
Adv-zkeremid Advisor list for Keremidchieva, Zornitsa
Advancement-Wey [no description available]
Advsvs-wgss Newsletter from Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Macalester College
Advwebdirectory [no description available]
AFA Alternative Faith Association
Afri-major African Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Alliesproject Allies Project
Altvisa2015 Alternative Email Intl Class 2015 on Visas
Altvisa2016 Alternative Email Intl Class 2016 on Visas
Altvisa2017 Alternative Email Intl Class 2017 on Visas
Altvisa2018 Alternative Email Intl Class 2018 on Visas
Altvisa2019 Alternative Email Intl Class 2019 on Visas
Altvisa2020 Alternative Email Intl Class 2020 on Visas
Altvisa2021 Alternative Email Intl Class 2021 on Visas
Altvisa2022 Alternative Email Intl Class 2022 on Visas
Altvisa2023 Alternative Email Intl Class 2023 on Visas
Ame-l African Music Ensemble
Ametrica2015 Ametrica Participants 2015
Ametrica2016 Ametrica Participants 2016
Ametrica2017 Ametrica Participants 2017
Ametrica2018 Ametrica Participants 2018
Ametrica2019 Ametrica Participants 2019
Amst-112-01 African American Literature
Amst-194-01 The Obama Presidency
Amst-203-01 Politics and Inequality
Amst-203-02 Politics and Inequality
Amst-240-01 Race/Culture/Ethnicity in Educ
Amst-263-01 African American Theater
Amst-270-01 Black Public Intellectuals
Amst-271-01 Uses and Abuses
Amst-275-01 African American Lit to 1900
Amst-294-01 Indigenous Americas
Amst-294-03 Radical Reelism
Amst-301-01 Critical Prison Studies
Amst-308-01 Intro to U.S. Latinx Studies
Amst-354-01 Blackness in the Media
Amst-370-01 Understand/Confront Racism
Amst-400-01 Senior Seminar
Amst-445-01 The U.S./Mexico Border
Amst-621-14 Internship
Amst-622-14 Internship
Amst-623-14 Internship
Amst-624-14 Internship
Amst-634-10 Preceptorship
Amst-644-14 Honors Independent
Amst-major American Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Anth-101-01 General Anthropology
Anth-111-02 Cultural Anthropology
Anth-194-01 Frauds, Myths and Mysteries
Anth-232-01 Field Methods/Research Design
Anth-240-01 Osteology/Paleopathology
Anth-251-01 Politics of Memory in Lat Amer
Anth-253-01 Comparative Muslim Cultures
Anth-258-01 Dynamic Africa
Anth-294-01 Ethno-ornithology
Anth-362-01 Culture and Globalization
Anth-363-01 Anthropology of Development
Anth-487-01 Theory in Anthropology
Anth-624-11 Internship
Anth-634-03 Preceptorship
Anth-644-03 Honors Independent
Anth-major Anthropology Majors, Minors and concentration
Anthlist Majors, minors, concentrations, class lists
Anti-Slavery [no description available]
Archives Macalester College Archives
Art-130-01 Drawing I
Art-130-02 Drawing I
Art-131-01 Ceramics I
Art-131-02 Ceramics I
Art-149-01 Intro to Visual Culture
Art-160-01 Art of the West I
Art-170-01 Art of the East I: China
Art-194-01 Iconoclasm in Art History
Art-233-01 Photography I
Art-234-01 Painting I
Art-235-01 Sculpture I
Art-236-01 Printmaking I
Art-239-01 2-D Design
Art-263-01 Modern Art
Art-271-01 Japan/(Inter)National Modern
Art-285-01 Babylon/Rome/Constantinople
Art-294-02 Architectural Drawing
Art-299-01 [no description available]
Art-299-02 [no description available]
Art-310-01 Globalization/Contemp Art
Art-367-01 3-D Design
Art-370-01 Drawing II
Art-371-01 Painting II
Art-373-01 Printmaking II
Art-399-01 [no description available]
Art-490-07 Art Apprenticeship
Art-490-08 Art Apprenticeship
Art-490-16 Art Apprenticeship
Art-490-20 Art Apprenticeship
Art-612-01 Independent Project
Art-612-07 Independent Project
Art-612-20 Independent Project
Art-614-05 Independent Project
Art-614-07 Independent Project
Art-614-20 Independent Project
Art-621-05 Internship
Art-623-20 [no description available]
Art-634-01 Preceptorship
Art-642-02 Honors Independent
Art-642-26 Honors Independent
Art-644-20 Honors Independent
Art-major Art and Art History Majors, Minors and concentration
Asia-140-01 Introduction to East Asian Civ
Asia-150-01 Lang/Gend Japanese Society
Asia-170-01 Art of the East I: China
Asia-205-01 Chinese and Sinophone Music
Asia-244-01 Geography of Asia
Asia-254-01 Japanese Film/Animation
Asia-271-01 Japan/(Inter)National Modern
Asia-274-01 China before 1840
Asia-277-01 The Rise of Modern Japan
Asia-294-01 Cramming for the Exam
Asia-294-03 Contemporary Mongolia
Asia-335-01 Analyzing Japanese Language
Asia-353-01 Cyber China
Asia-632-12 Preceptorship
Asia-major Asian Languages and Cultures Majors, Minors and concentration
Athletes [no description available]
Biol-101-01 Creatures and Curiosities
Biol-144-01 Lakes, Streams and Rivers
Biol-194-01 Biotechnology and Society
Biol-194-2012 Biotech and Society - 2012
Biol-255-01 Cell Biol/Genetics Lab Methods
Biol-255-02 Cell Biol/Genetics Lab Methods
Biol-255-03 Cell Biol/Genetics Lab Methods
Biol-255-all Cell Biol/Genetics Lab Methods
Biol-260-01 Genetics
Biol-260-02 Genetics
Biol-265-01 Cell Biology
Biol-270-01 Biodiversity and Evolution
Biol-270-l1 Biodiversity/Evolution Lab
Biol-270-l2 Biodiversity/Evolution Lab
Biol-285-01 Ecology/Environment
Biol-285-l1 Ecology Lab
Biol-285-l2 Ecology Lab
Biol-299-01 [no description available]
Biol-299-02 [no description available]
Biol-351-01 Biochemistry I
Biol-351-l1 Biochemistry I Lab
Biol-351-l2 Biochemistry I Lab
Biol-356-01 Cell/Molecular Neuroscience
Biol-356-l1 Cell/Mol Neurosci Lab
Biol-357-01 Immunology
Biol-357-l1 Immunology Lab
Biol-358-01 Microbiology
Biol-358-l1 Microbiology Lab
Biol-360-01 Neuroanatomy
Biol-360-l1 Neuroanatomy Lab
Biol-361-01 Invertebrate Animal Diversity
Biol-361-l1 Invertebrate Animal Div Lab
Biol-366-01 Plant Ecophysiology
Biol-366-l1 Plant Ecophysiology Lab
Biol-394-01 Neuroimmunology
Biol-394-02 Big Data in Ecology
Biol-394-03 Cancer Biology
Biol-394-04 Molecular Medicine
Biol-494-01 Neurobiol of Mindfulness
Biol-611-04 Independent Project
Biol-611-23 Independent Project
Biol-612-22 Independent Project
Biol-613-22 Independent Project
Biol-614-03 Independent Project
Biol-614-04 Independent Project
Biol-622-03 Internship
Biol-624-03 Internship
Biol-634-04 Preceptorship
Biol-641-22 Honors Independent
Biol-644-05 Honors Independent
Biol-644-35 Honors Independent
Biol-major Biology Majors, Minors and concentration
Cgh-major Community & Global Health Majors, Minors and concentration
Cghconcentration [no description available]
Chem-111-01 General Chemistry I
Chem-111-02 General Chemistry I
Chem-111-03 General Chemistry I
Chem-111-04 General Chemistry I
Chem-111-05 General Chemistry I
Chem-111-l1 General Chemistry I Lab
Chem-111-l2 General Chemistry I Lab
Chem-111-l3 [no description available]
Chem-111-l4 [no description available]
Chem-111-l5 [no description available]
Chem-111-l6 General Chemistry I Lab
Chem-115-01 Accelerated General Chemistry
Chem-115-l1 Accelerated General Chem Lab
Chem-211-01 Organic Chemistry I
Chem-211-02 Organic Chemistry I
Chem-211-l1 Organic Chemistry I Lab
Chem-211-l2 Organic Chemistry I Lab
Chem-211-l3 Organic Chemistry I Lab
Chem-211-l4 Organic Chemistry I Lab
Chem-211-l5 Organic Chemistry I Lab
Chem-211-l6 Organic Chemistry I Lab
Chem-211-lab-all Organic Chemistry I Lab
Chem-212l-all Organic Chemistry II Lab
Chem-300-01 Chemistry Seminar
Chem-311-01 Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Chem-311-l1 Thermodynamics/Kinetics Lab
Chem-311-l2 Thermodynamics/Kinetics Lab
Chem-311-l3 Thermodynamics/Kinetics Lab
Chem-351-01 Biochemistry I
Chem-351-l1 Biochemistry I Lab
Chem-351-l2 Biochemistry I Lab
Chem-394-01 Molecular Medicine
Chem-399-01 [no description available]
Chem-411-01 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Chem-411-l1 Advanced Inorganic Chem Lab
Chem-411-l2 Advanced Inorganic Chem Lab
Chem-611-04 Independent Project
Chem-611-11 Independent Project
Chem-611-18 Independent Project
Chem-612-19 Independent Project
Chem-632-19 Preceptorship
Chem-632-21 Preceptorship
Chem-major Chemistry Majors, Minors and concentration
Chin-101-01 First Year Chinese I
Chin-101-02 First Year Chinese I
Chin-101-l1 First Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-101-l2 First Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-101-l3 First Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-125-01 Classical Chinese
Chin-203-01 Second Year Chinese I
Chin-203-02 Second Year Chinese I
Chin-203-l1 Second Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-203-l2 Second Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-203-l3 Second Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-294-01 Cramming for the Exam
Chin-305-01 Third Year Chinese I
Chin-305-l1 Third Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-305-l2 Third Year Chinese I Lab
Chin-353-01 Cyber China
Chin-407-01 Fourth Year Chinese I
Chin-major Chinese Majors, Minors and concentration
Chinesecultureclub [no description available]
Clas-101-01 Classical Mediterranean
Clas-111-01 Elementary Latin I
Clas-111-l1 Elementary Latin I Lab
Clas-111-l2 Elementary Latin I Lab
Clas-113-01 Elementary Arabic I
Clas-113-l1 Elementary Arabic I Lab
Clas-113-l2 Elementary Arabic I Lab
Clas-115-01 Elementary Greek I
Clas-115-l1 Elementary Greek I Lab
Clas-115-l2 Elementary Greek I Lab
Clas-122-01 The Roman World
Clas-129-01 Greek Myths
Clas-194-01 The Jewish Bible
Clas-231-01 Intermediate Latin I: Prose
Clas-237-01 Intermediate Hebrew I
Clas-241-01 Intermediate Arabic I
Clas-241-l1 Intermediate Arabic I Lab
Clas-241-l2 Intermediate Arabic I Lab
Clas-260-01 Art of the West I
Clas-294-01 Cosmopoleis
Clas-294-02 Babylon/Rome/Constantinople
Clas-294-03 Intro to Rabbinic Literature
Clas-301-01 Goldman - Research Forum
Clas-362-01 Intermediate Greek: Poetry
Clas-362-l1 Intermediate Greek: Poetry Lab
Clas-485-01 Advanced Arabic
Clas-490-01 Senior Seminar
Clas-631-01 Preceptorship
Clas-632-01 Preceptorship
Clas-634-01 Preceptorship
Clas-634-03 Preceptorship
Clas-major Classics Majors, Minors and concentration
Class-of-2011 Graduating Seniors Class of 2011
Class-of-2012 Graduating Seniors Class of 2012
Class-of-2013 Graduating Seniors Class of 2013
Class-of-2014 Graduating Seniors Class of 2014
Class-of-2015 Graduating Seniors Class of 2015
Class-of-2016 Graduating Seniors Class of 2016
Class-of-2017 Graduating Seniors Class of 2017
Class-of-2018 Graduating Seniors Class of 2018
Class-of-2019 Graduating Seniors Class of 2019
Class-of-2020 Graduating Seniors Class of 2020
Class_list_first_year First year class list
Class_list_junior Junior class list
Class_list_senior Senior class list
Class_list_sophomore Sophomore class list
Cns-major Cognitive and Neuroscience St Majors, Minors and concentration
Cogs-major Cognitive Science Majors, Minors and concentration
Coladv College Advancement
Communications-test [no description available]
Comp-112-01 Introduction to Data Science
Comp-112-02 Introduction to Data Science
Comp-123-01 Core Concepts in Comp Sci
Comp-123-02 Core Concepts in Comp Sci
Comp-123-03 Core Concepts in Comp Sci
Comp-123-04 Core Concepts in Comp Sci
Comp-123-05 Core Concepts in Comp Sci
Comp-127-01 Object-Oriented Prog/Abstr
Comp-127-02 [no description available]
Comp-127-03 [no description available]
Comp-127-04 Object-Oriented Prog/Abstr
Comp-127-all OOP and Abstraction
Comp-127-l1 [no description available]
Comp-127-l2 Object-Oriented Prog/Abstr Lab
Comp-127-l3 [no description available]
Comp-127-l4 Object-Oriented Prog/Abstr Lab
Comp-128-01 Data Structures
Comp-154-01 Digital Ethics
Comp-154-02 Digital Ethics
Comp-221-01 Algorithm Design/Analysis
Comp-221-02 Algorithm Design/Analysis
Comp-221-all Algorithm Design/Analysis
Comp-225-01 Software Design/Devpt
Comp-225-02 Software Design/Devpt
Comp-225-all Software Design/Devpt
Comp-240-01 Computer Systems Organization
Comp-240-02 Computer Systems Organization
Comp-240-all Computer Systems Organization
Comp-302-01 Intro Database Mngmt Systems
Comp-302-02 Intro Database Mngmt Systems
Comp-302-all Intro Database Mngmt Systems
Comp-340-01 Digital Electronics
Comp-340-l1 Digital Electronics Lab
Comp-361-01 Theory of Computation
Comp-394-01 Programming Languages
Comp-465-01 Interactive Computer Graphics
Comp-484-01 Intro to Artificial Intell
Comp-494-01 Human Computer Interaction
Comp-601-12 Tutorial
Comp-612-12 Independent Project
Comp-613-11 Independent Project
Comp-614-12 Independent Project
Comp-621-03 Internship
Comp-621-08 Internship
Comp-621-12 Internship
Comp-621-23 Internship
Comp-622-08 Internship
Comp-622-12 Internship
Comp-623-24 Internship
Comp-624-12 Internship
Comp-624-23 Internship
Comp-624-28 Internship
Comp-631-23 Preceptorship
Comp-632-12 Preceptorship
Comp-632-23 Preceptorship
Comp-632-28 Preceptorship
Comp-634-28 Preceptorship
Comp-major Computer Science Majors, Minors and concentration
Copyright_infringements Notices from RIAA, Studios, etc.
CourseEvals [no description available]
CoursEvals [no description available]
Cpt Intl Students on Curriciular Practical Training
Crit-major Critical Theory Majors, Minors and concentration
Crsl_newsletter [no description available]
CST-news Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching News
Dailypiper-l [no description available]
Dave [no description available]
DeptChairs Department and Program Chairs List
Devstaff [no description available]
Diaspora Black Women of the Diaspora Collective
Division-Science Science Division Distribution List
Division-SocialScience Social Science Division mailing list
DML-Master-list List of Students, Faculty and Staff interested in the programs offered by the DML and who subscribed to get weekly information about the department's activities
Ds4good [no description available]
Dude-101-01 Intro To Dudeism
Ecar-2010 [no description available]
Ecology-lab-all Ecology Lab
Econ-113-01 Financial Accounting
Econ-113-02 Financial Accounting
Econ-119-01 Principles of Economics
Econ-119-02 Principles of Economics
Econ-119-03 Principles of Economics
Econ-119-04 Principles of Economics
Econ-119-05 Principles of Economics
Econ-119-06 Principles of Economics
Econ-194-01 Calulus-based Princ of Econ
Econ-194-02 Business Negotiations
Econ-221-01 Intro to Intl Economics
Econ-221-02 Intro to Intl Economics
Econ-221-all Intro to Intl Economics - Prof. Friedt
Econ-229-01 World Economic History
Econ-233-01 Health Economics
Econ-239-01 Global Food Problems
Econ-353-01 Managerial Accounting
Econ-361-01 Intermed Microecon Analysis
Econ-361-02 Intermed Microecon Analysis
Econ-371-01 Intermed Macroecon Analysis
Econ-371-02 Intermed Macroecon Analysis
Econ-371-all Intermediate Macroeconomics - Solis-Garcia
Econ-381-01 Introduction to Econometrics
Econ-381-02 Introduction to Econometrics
Econ-381-all Introduction to Econometrics - Prof. Krueger
Econ-381-l1 Intro to Econometrics Lab
Econ-381-l2 Intro to Econometrics Lab
Econ-431-01 Economics of Public Policy
Econ-444-01 Honors Seminar
Econ-457-01 Finance
Econ-494-01 Multinational Corporations
Econ-621-04 Internship
Econ-621-08 Internship
Econ-621-30 Internship
Econ-622-04 Internship
Econ-622-35 Internship
Econ-623-22 Internship
Econ-624-02 Internship
Econ-624-22 Internship
Econ-624-30 Internship
Econ-624-46 Internship
Econ-632-10 Preceptorship
Econ-632-35 Preceptorship
Econ-major Economics Majors, Minors and concentration
Educ-220-01 Educational Psychology
Educ-240-01 Race/Culture/Ethnicity in Educ
Educ-250-01 Building Trust
Educ-275-01 Outdoor Environmental Educ
Educ-275-l1 Outdoor Environmental Educ Lab
Educ-294-01 Cramming for the Exam
Educ-390-01 Urban Education
Educ-460-01 Education and Social Change
Educ-624-02 Internship
Educ-624-11 Internship
Educ-major Educational Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Elections [no description available]
Engl-101-01 College Writing
Engl-112-01 African American Literature
Engl-125-01 Studies in Literature
Engl-125-02 Studies in Literature
Engl-135-01 [no description available]
Engl-137-01 Novel
Engl-137-02 Novel
Engl-150-01 Intro to Creative Writing
Engl-150-02 Intro to Creative Writing
Engl-150-03 Intro to Creative Writing
Engl-150-04 Intro to Creative Writing
Engl-150-05 Intro to Creative Writing
Engl-150-06 Intro to Creative Writing
Engl-150-07 Intro to Creative Writing
Engl-200-01 Major British Writers
Engl-208-01 [no description available]
Engl-263-01 Muslim Women Writers
Engl-275-01 African American Lit to 1900
Engl-277-01 Angels and Demons
Engl-280-01 Crafts of Writing: Poetry
Engl-281-01 Crafts of Writing: Fiction
Engl-282-01 Crafts of Writing: Cr Non Fict
Engl-294-02 20th Century Poetry
Engl-294-03 A Kafkaesque Century
Engl-294-04 Feminist Re-constructions
Engl-294-05 Comparative Feminisms
Engl-367-01 Postcolonial Theory
Engl-394-01 International Storytelling
Engl-394-02 Race and the Victorians
Engl-406-01 Projects in Creative Writing
Engl-624-05 Internship
Engl-624-59 Internship
Engl-634-70 Preceptorship
Engl-644-05 Honors Independent
Engl-644-06 Honors Independent
Engl-major English Majors, Minors and concentration
Entrepreneurship [no description available]
Entrepreneurshipstudents [no description available]
Envi-104-01 Soil
Envi-120-01 Environmental Geology
Envi-144-01 Lakes, Streams and Rivers
Envi-150-01 Climate and Society
Envi-160-01 Dynamic Earth/Global Change
Envi-160-02 Dynamic Earth/Global Change
Envi-160-l1 Dyn Earth/Global Change Lab
Envi-160-l2 Dyn Earth/Global Change Lab
Envi-160-l3 Dyn Earth/Global Change Lab
Envi-194-01 Psychology and/of Climate Chg
Envi-202-01 Sustainability and the Campus
Envi-203-01 Intro to Urban Ecology
Envi-215-01 Environmental Politics/Policy
Envi-232-01 People/Agriculture/Environ
Envi-239-01 Global Food Problems
Envi-240-01 The Earth's Climate System
Envi-240-l1 The Earth's Climate System Lab
Envi-252-01 Water and Power
Envi-258-01 Geog of Environmental Hazards
Envi-270-01 Psyc of Sustainable Behavior
Envi-275-01 Outdoor Environmental Educ
Envi-275-all Outdoor Environmental Educ
Envi-275-l1 Outdoor Environmental Educ Lab
Envi-280-01 Environmental Classics
Envi-285-01 Ecology/Environment
Envi-285-all Ecology Lab
Envi-285-l1 Ecology Lab
Envi-285-l2 Ecology Lab
Envi-294-01 Art/Science/Design in Our City
Envi-366-01 Plant Ecophysiology
Envi-366-l1 Plant Ecophysiology Lab
Envi-394-02 Big Data in Ecology
Envi-477-01 Comp Environment/Development
Envi-489-01 Environmental Leadership Pract
Envi-490-01 Envi St Leadership Seminar
Envi-611-21 Independent Project
Envi-622-21 Internship
Envi-major Environmental Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
EvaluationsM [no description available]
EvaluationsT [no description available]
Faculty-announce-l All-Faculty Announcements
FOMIS Friends of Macalester International Students - Hosts & Students
Food-major Food, Agriculture, and Society Majors, Minors and concentration
Fossilfreemac-l Fossil Free Macalester
Fren-101-01 French I
Fren-101-02 French I
Fren-101-l1 [no description available]
Fren-101-l2 [no description available]
Fren-101-l3 [no description available]
Fren-101-l4 [no description available]
Fren-102-01 French II
Fren-102-l1 [no description available]
Fren-102-l2 [no description available]
Fren-111-01 Accelerated French I-II
Fren-111-l1 [no description available]
Fren-111-l2 [no description available]
Fren-194-01 Food in French Culture
Fren-194-02 Parisian Women
Fren-203-01 French III
Fren-203-02 French III
Fren-203-l1 [no description available]
Fren-203-l2 [no description available]
Fren-203-l3 [no description available]
Fren-203-l4 [no description available]
Fren-204-01 Text, Film and Media
Fren-204-02 Text, Film and Media
Fren-204-l1 [no description available]
Fren-204-l2 [no description available]
Fren-204-l3 [no description available]
Fren-204-l4 [no description available]
Fren-305-01 Advanced Expression
Fren-305-l1 [no description available]
Fren-305-l2 [no description available]
Fren-306-01 Intro to Literary Analysis
Fren-471-01 Lit/Cinema of Immigration
Fren-475-01 Parisian Women, 1730-2010
Fren-612-10 Independent Project
Fren-614-12 Independent Project
Fren-634-12 Preceptorship
Fren-major French and Francophone Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Gcit-major Global Citizenship Majors, Minors and concentration
Geog-111-01 Human Geog of Global Issues
Geog-120-01 Environmental Geology
Geog-203-01 Intro to Urban Ecology
Geog-225-01 Intro to Geog Info Systems
Geog-225-l1 Intro to Geog Info Systems Lab
Geog-225-l2 Intro to Geog Info Systems Lab
Geog-232-01 People/Agriculture/Environ
Geog-242-01 Regional Geog of US/Canada
Geog-244-01 Geography of Asia
Geog-248-01 Political Geography
Geog-252-01 Water and Power
Geog-256-01 Medical Geography
Geog-258-01 Geog of Environmental Hazards
Geog-261-01 World Urbanization
Geog-294-01 Contemporary Mongolia
Geog-362-01 [no description available]
Geog-365-01 Urban GIS
Geog-365-l1 Urban GIS Lab
Geog-377-01 Qualitative Research Methods
Geog-477-01 Comp Environment/Development
Geog-613-19 Independent Project
Geog-622-17 Internship
Geog-623-03 Internship
Geog-623-18 Internship
Geog-624-13 Internship
Geog-624-17 Internship
Geog-624-19 Internship
Geog-631-18 Preceptorship
Geog-634-03 Preceptorship
Geog-634-13 Preceptorship
Geog-634-18 Preceptorship
Geog-644-17 Honors Independent
Geog-644-20 Honors Independent
Geog-major Geography Majors, Minors and concentration
Geol-101-01 Dinosaurs
Geol-104-01 Soil
Geol-120-01 Environmental Geology
Geol-160-01 Dynamic Earth/Global Change
Geol-160-02 Dynamic Earth/Global Change
Geol-160-l1 Dyn Earth/Global Change Lab
Geol-160-l2 Dyn Earth/Global Change Lab
Geol-160-l3 Dyn Earth/Global Change Lab
Geol-250-01 Mineralogy
Geol-260-01 Geomorphology
Geol-260-l1 Geomorphology
Geol-304-01 Tectonics
Geol-304-l1 Tectonics
Geol-394-01 Seminar in Taphonomy/Seq St
Geol-611-08 Independent Project
Geol-614-08 Independent Project
Geol-614-11 Independent Project
Geol-621-11 Internship
Geol-642-01 Honors Independent
Geol-642-06 Honors Independent
Geol-644-11 Honors Independent
Geol-major Geology Majors, Minors and concentration
Germ-101-01 Elementary German I
Germ-101-l1 [no description available]
Germ-101-l2 [no description available]
Germ-101-l3 Elementary German I Lab
Germ-110-01 Accelerated Elementary German
Germ-110-l1 [no description available]
Germ-110-l2 [no description available]
Germ-110-l3 [no description available]
Germ-203-01 Intermediate German I
Germ-203-l1 [no description available]
Germ-203-l2 [no description available]
Germ-203-l3 [no description available]
Germ-203-l4 [no description available]
Germ-204-01 Intermediate German II
Germ-204-l1 [no description available]
Germ-204-l2 [no description available]
Germ-204-l3 [no description available]
Germ-255-01 German Cinema Studies
Germ-294-01 A Kafkaesque Century
Germ-305-01 Advanced German
Germ-305-l1 [no description available]
Germ-305-l2 [no description available]
Germ-308-01 German Cultural History I
Germ-314-01 Darwin, Nietzsche, Freud
Germ-364-01 Class Cultures
Germ-601-01 Eccentricity and Mediocrity in the Modern European Novel
Germ-604-09 Tutorial
Germ-614-09 Independent Project
Germ-major German Majors, Minors and concentration
German-l German Notification List
Haasproject [no description available]
Hcst-major Humanities & Cultural Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Hisp-major Hispanic Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Hist-122-01 The Roman World
Hist-140-01 Introduction to East Asian Civ
Hist-154-01 [no description available]
Hist-181-01 Introduction to Latin America
Hist-194-01 Enslavement/Resistance
Hist-194-02 History of Childhood
Hist-252-01 Conversion and Inquisition
Hist-262-01 Revolutionary Russia
Hist-271-01 Uses and Abuses
Hist-274-01 China before 1840
Hist-277-01 The Rise of Modern Japan
Hist-294-01 Indigenous Americas
Hist-294-03 Mass Culture Under Communism
Hist-353-01 Oceans in World History
Hist-399-01 [no description available]
Hist-490-01 Senior Seminar
Hist-490-02 Senior Seminar
Hist-499-01 [no description available]
Hist-612-06 Independent Project
Hist-613-02 Independent Project
Hist-632-12 Preceptorship
Hist-634-12 Preceptorship
Hist-major History Majors, Minors and concentration
Hmcs-major Humanities Media Cultural St Majors, Minors and concentration
Hostedintl Intl Students involved in FoMIS
Hostfamilies Families involved in FoMIS
HPA Announcement list for Health Professions Advising
Hrhu-major Human Rights & Humanitarianism Majors, Minors and concentration
Huma-major Humanities Majors, Minors and concentration
Humanitiescolloquium [no description available]
Ic-identity [no description available]
Idim-major Individually Designed Majors, Minors and concentration
Igc_communications_team [no description available]
igcannouncements [no description available]
IGCEvents [no description available]
Igcsc Institute for Global Citizenship Student Council
IGCstaff Informational list for IGC Staff
IGCstudentworkers All students working for the IGC
Incoming-students Incoming students mailing list
Intd-330-01 [no description available]
Intd-401-01 Urban Studies Colloquium
Intd-421-01 HRH Colloquium
Intd-major International Development Majors, Minors and concentration
Intl-110-01 Intro to Intl St:Globalization
Intl-111-01 Intro to Intl St: Lit/Global
Intl-111-02 Intro to Intl St: Lit/Global
Intl-202-01 Global Media Industries
Intl-232-01 Social Entrepreneurship
Intl-239-01 Global Food Problems
Intl-245-01 Intro to Intl Human Rights
Intl-250-01 Terrorism and Art
Intl-253-01 Comparative Muslim Cultures
Intl-263-01 Muslim Women Writers
Intl-282-01 International Public Health
Intl-282-02 International Public Health
Intl-294-01 The Middle East Through Film
Intl-300-01 Advanced Feminist/Queer Theory
Intl-310-01 Globalization/Contemp Art
Intl-362-01 Culture and Globalization
Intl-367-01 Postcolonial Theory
Intl-394-01 Media, War and Conflict
Intl-415-01 Cultural Resistance/Survival
Intl-477-01 Comp Environment/Development
Intl-485-01 Global Hatred
Intl-489-01 Capitalism/World(Dis)Order
Intl-612-01 Independent Project
Intl-622-04 Internship
Intl-624-04 Internship
Intl-624-05 Internship
Intl-624-07 Internship
Intl-624-30 Internship
Intl-624-46 Internship
Intl-632-07 Preceptorship
Intl-634-05 Preceptorship
Intl-634-07 Preceptorship
Intl-634-30 Preceptorship
Intl-major International Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
ISPall ISP All students
ISPdeans ISP Mentor Deans 2017-18
ISPexchange ISP Exchange Students 2019-20 F-1
ISPincoming ISP Incoming Students 2017
ISPmentors ISP Mentors 2018-2019
ISPstaff ISP Staff
ISPvisa ISP Students on Visa
ITS-Alerts-Banner Banner user messages from ITS
ITS-Alerts-Faculty All-Faculty messages from ITS
ITS-Alerts-Staff All-Staff messages from ITS
ITS-Alerts-Student All-Student messages from ITS
Its-net ITS Networking Group Mailing List
Its-test [no description available]
Japa-101-01 First Year Japanese I
Japa-101-02 First Year Japanese I
Japa-101-l1 First Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-101-l2 First Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-101-l3 First Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-101-l4 [no description available]
Japa-125-01 Classical Chinese
Japa-150-01 Lang/Gend Japanese Society
Japa-203-01 Second Year Japanese I
Japa-203-02 Second Year Japanese I
Japa-203-l1 Second Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-203-l2 Second Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-203-l3 Second Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-254-01 Japanese Film/Animation
Japa-305-01 Third Year Japanese I
Japa-305-l1 Third Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-305-l2 Third Year Japanese I Lab
Japa-335-01 Analyzing Japanese Language
Japa-407-01 Fourth Year Japanese I
Japa-major Japanese Majors, Minors and concentration
Keck-news Keck Geology Consortium faculty list
Lampert Staff working in Lampert
LAS-l Latin American Studies Department
Lati-181-01 Introduction to Latin America
Lati-194-01 Shared Legacies
Lati-251-01 Politics of Memory in Lat Amer
Lati-294-01 Indigenous Americas
Lati-307-01 Intro to Analysis Hisp Texts
Lati-308-01 Intro to U.S. Latinx Studies
Lati-341-01 Comparative Social Movements
Lati-355-01 Cultural Resistance/Survival
Lati-376-01 Spanish Dialectology
Lati-385-01 The U.S./Mexico Border
Lati-488-01 Senior Seminar
Lati-624-01 Internship
Lati-major Latin American Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Lega-major Legal Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Ling-100-01 Introduction to Linguistics
Ling-104-01 The Sounds of Language
Ling-150-01 Lang/Gend Japanese Society
Ling-205-01 [no description available]
Ling-294-01 Language and Music
Ling-300-01 Linguistic Analysis
Ling-309-01 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics
Ling-335-01 Analyzing Japanese Language
Ling-436-01 Spanish Dialectology
Ling-641-05 Honors Independent
Ling-644-05 Honors Independent
Ling-major Linguistics Majors, Minors and concentration
Ltam-major Latin American Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
M-prot Mac Protestants email list
Macacq Library Acquisitions
Macalester-hhmi-faculty Macalester HHMI Big Data Grant faculty list
MacalesterAlumniReaderProject-ComputerScience240 [no description available]
MacalesterAlumniReaderProject-English260 [no description available]
MacalesterAlumniReaderProject-ReligiousStudies194 [no description available]
Macalesterfund [no description available]
MacCARES [no description available]
Macdaily-l [no description available]
Macdailytesting [no description available]
Macdirectnotes [no description available]
Macpolisci Macalester Political Science Alumni
Macs-major Math, Statistics & Comp Sci Majors, Minors and concentration
MacSlams Macalester Poetry Slam
Magenews-l Geography Educators
Mamacbas [no description available]
Math-135-01 [no description available]
Math-135-02 Appl Multivar Calculus I
Math-135-03 Appl Multivar Calculus I
Math-137-01 Appl Multivar Calculus II
Math-137-02 Appl Multivar Calculus II
Math-137-03 Appl Multivar Calculus II
Math-236-01 Linear Algebra
Math-236-02 Linear Algebra
Math-236-all Linear Algebra
Math-237-01 Appl Multivar Calculus III
Math-237-02 Appl Multivar Calculus III
Math-237-all Appl Multivar Calculus III
Math-279-01 Discrete Mathematics
Math-279-02 Discrete Mathematics
Math-312-01 Differential Equations
Math-313-01 Advanced Symbolic Logic
Math-354-01 Probability
Math-354-02 Probability
Math-354-all Probability
Math-361-01 Theory of Computation
Math-377-01 Real Analysis
Math-379-01 Combinatorics
Math-432-01 Mathematical Modeling
Math-476-01 Representation Theory
Math-601-12 Tutorial
Math-622-20 Internship
Math-624-20 Internship
Math-634-10 Preceptorship
Math-642-08 Honors Independent
Math-644-05 Honors Independent
Math-644-09 Honors Independent
Math-major Mathematics Majors, Minors and concentration
Mcf-l Mac Christian Fellowship
Mcst-110-01 Texts and Power
Mcst-114-01 News Reporting and Writing
Mcst-128-01 Film Analysis/Visual Culture
Mcst-194-01 On Television
Mcst-202-01 Global Media Industries
Mcst-294-01 The Middle East Through Film
Mcst-294-02 Radical Reelism
Mcst-294-03 Intro to Video Production
Mcst-354-01 Blackness in the Media
Mcst-394-02 Media, War and Conflict
Mcst-488-01 Gender Labor and the Media
Mcst-604-22 Tutorial
Mcst-622-03 Internship
Mcst-624-03 Internship
Mcst-624-22 Internship
Mcst-634-01 Preceptorship
Mcst-major Media and Cultural Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Mdtest-l [no description available]
Mesalist The mailing list of the Middle Eastern Student Association
Mesi-major Middle Eastern/Islamic Majors, Minors and concentration
Metering [no description available]
Minnesotastudentfederal [no description available]
Minnesotastudentsoctober07 [no description available]
Mnphilsociety [no description available]
Mocktrial [no description available]
MPIRG Macalester Public Interest Research Group
MSA Muslim Student Association
MSA1 Muslim Student Association
Musi-110-01 Music Appreciation
Musi-113-01 Theory I
Musi-113-02 Theory I
Musi-113-l1 Theory I Lab
Musi-113-l2 Theory I Lab
Musi-153-01 Electronic Music
Musi-194-01 Music and the Meaning of Life
Musi-205-01 Chinese and Sinophone Music
Musi-213-01 Theory III, Form and Analysis
Musi-294-02 Language and Music
Musi-342-01 Medieval to Mozart
Musi-370-01 Conducting
Musi-425-01 Seminar in Composers/Genres
Musi-612-03 Independent Project
Musi-621-22 Internship
Musi-70-01 Wind Symphony
Musi-72-01 African Music Ensemble
Musi-74-01 Macalester Concert Choir
Musi-76-01 Macalester Chorale
Musi-78-01 Asian Music Ensemble
Musi-80-01 Mac Jazz Band
Musi-82-01 Jazz/Popular Music Combos
Musi-84-01 Pipe Band
Musi-86-01 Chamber Ensembles
Musi-88-01 Mac Symphony Orchestra
Musi-90-01 Mac Early Music Ensemble
Musi-94-01 Private Studio Instruction
Musi-94-03 Piano
Musi-94-04 Piano
Musi-94-05 Piano
Musi-94-08 Voice
Musi-94-09 Jazz/Contemporary Voice
Musi-94-10 Voice
Musi-94-11 Voice
Musi-94-14 Jazz Guitar
Musi-94-15 Jazz Bass
Musi-94-22 Violin
Musi-94-23 Violin
Musi-94-27 Guitar
Musi-94-29 Flute
Musi-94-33 Clarinet
Musi-94-36 Cello
Musi-96-01 Piano for Proficiency
Musi-96-03 Piano for Proficiency
Musi-96-04 Piano for Proficiency
Musi-major Music Majors, Minors and concentration
Nd-199-01 [no description available]
Nd-199-02 [no description available]
Nd-199-03 [no description available]
Nd-199-04 [no description available]
Nd-199-05 [no description available]
Nd-199-06 [no description available]
Nd-299-01 [no description available]
Nd-299-02 [no description available]
Nd-399-01 [no description available]
Nd-399-02 [no description available]
Nd-399-03 [no description available]
Nd-399-04 [no description available]
Nd-399-05 [no description available]
Nd-399-06 [no description available]
Nd-399-07 [no description available]
Nd-399-08 [no description available]
Nd-501-01 [no description available]
Nd-501-03 [no description available]
Nd-501-04 [no description available]
Nd-501-05 [no description available]
Nd-501-06 [no description available]
Nd-501-07 [no description available]
Nd-501-08 [no description available]
Nd-501-09 [no description available]
Nd-501-10 [no description available]
Nd-501-11 [no description available]
Nd-501-12 [no description available]
Nd-501-13 [no description available]
Nd-501-14 [no description available]
Nd-501-15 [no description available]
Nd-501-17 [no description available]
Nd-501-18 [no description available]
Nd-501-19 [no description available]
Nd-501-20 [no description available]
Nd-501-21 [no description available]
Nd-501-22 [no description available]
Nd-501-23 [no description available]
Nd-501-24 [no description available]
Nd-501-25 [no description available]
Nd-501-26 [no description available]
Nd-501-27 [no description available]
Nd-501-29 [no description available]
Nd-501-30 [no description available]
Nd-501-31 [no description available]
Nd-501-32 [no description available]
Nd-501-33 [no description available]
Nd-501-34 [no description available]
Nd-501-35 [no description available]
Nd-501-36 [no description available]
Nd-501-38 [no description available]
Nd-501-39 [no description available]
Nd-501-40 [no description available]
Nd-501-41 [no description available]
Nd-501-42 [no description available]
Nd-501-43 [no description available]
Nd-501-44 [no description available]
Nd-501-46 [no description available]
Nd-501-47 [no description available]
Nd-501-48 [no description available]
Nd-501-49 [no description available]
Nd-501-50 [no description available]
Nd-501-51 [no description available]
Nd-501-52 [no description available]
Nd-501-53 [no description available]
Nd-501-54 [no description available]
Nd-501-56 [no description available]
Nd-501-57 [no description available]
Nd-501-58 [no description available]
Nd-501-59 [no description available]
Nd-501-60 [no description available]
Nd-501-61 [no description available]
Nd-501-62 [no description available]
Nd-501-63 [no description available]
Nd-501-64 [no description available]
Nd-501-65 [no description available]
Nd-501-66 [no description available]
Nd-501-67 [no description available]
Nd-501-68 [no description available]
Nd-501-69 [no description available]
Nd-501-70 [no description available]
Nd-501-71 [no description available]
Nd-502-01 [no description available]
Nd-502-02 [no description available]
Nd-502-04 [no description available]
Neur-622-10 Internship
Neur-major Neuroscience Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Newfaculty2016 [no description available]
Newfaculty2017 [no description available]
Nsci-488-01 Neuroscience Capstone
Nsci-611-02 Independent Project
Nsci-611-12 Independent Project
Nsci-622-10 Internship
Nsci-major Neuroscience Majors, Minors and concentration
OpiateNarcanSurvey [no description available]
OPT International Students on OPT
Orgcontacts Student Organization Contacts
Outingclub-l Macalester Outing Club
Papercut-lib Papercut/Library e-mails reports to this list
Pe-03-01 Beginning Social Dance
Pe-04-01 [no description available]
Pe-06-01 Yoga I
Pe-06-02 Yoga I
Pe-06-03 [no description available]
Pe-10-01 [no description available]
Pe-14-01 Karate II
Pe-18-01 Pilates
Pe-20-01 Weight Training
Pe-28-01 Pilates II
Pe-33-01 Salsa Dance
Pe-40-01 [no description available]
Pe-major Physical Education Majors, Minors and concentration
Phil-100-01 Introduction to Philosophy
Phil-100-02 Introduction to Philosophy
Phil-111-01 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
Phil-111-02 Introduction to Symbolic Logic
Phil-121-01 Ethics
Phil-210-01 Existential Metaphysics
Phil-214-01 Darwin, Nietzsche, Freud
Phil-225-01 Digital Ethics
Phil-225-02 Digital Ethics
Phil-313-01 Advanced Symbolic Logic
Phil-315-01 Contemporary Epistemology
Phil-489-01 Senior Seminar
Phil-489-02 Senior Seminar
Phil-602-03 Tutorial
Phil-604-03 Tutorial
Phil-major Philosophy Majors, Minors and concentration
Phys-111-01 Contemporary Concepts
Phys-113-01 Modern Astronomy I
Phys-194-01 Nanoscience
Phys-199-01 [no description available]
Phys-226-01 Principles of Physics I
Phys-226-02 Principles of Physics I
Phys-226-l1 Principles of Physics I Lab
Phys-226-l2 Principles of Physics I Lab
Phys-226-l3 Principles of Physics I Lab
Phys-226-l4 Principles of Physics I Lab
Phys-226l-all Principles of Physics I Lab
Phys-227-01 Principles of Physics II
Phys-227-l1 Principles of Physics II Lab
Phys-227-l2 Principles of Physics II Lab
Phys-227l-all Principles of Physics II Lab
Phys-299-01 [no description available]
Phys-331-01 Modern Physics
Phys-331-l1 Modern Physics Lab
Phys-331-l2 Modern Physics Lab
Phys-340-01 Digital Electronics
Phys-340-l1 Digital Electronics Lab
Phys-443-01 Electromagnetic Theory
Phys-443-l1 Electromagnetic Theory Lab
Phys-481-01 Quantum Mechanics
Phys-481-l1 Quantum Mechanics Lab
Phys-489-01 Physics Seminar
Phys-614-04 Independent Project
Phys-631-07 Preceptorship
Phys-642-04 Honors Independent
Phys-642-07 Honors Independent
Phys-643-04 Honors Independent
Phys-major Physics and Astronomy Majors, Minors and concentration
Poli-100-01 Foundations of US Politics
Poli-101-01 Political Argument/Debate
Poli-120-01 Foundations of Intl Politics
Poli-140-01 Foundations of Comp Politics
Poli-140-02 Foundations of Comp Politics
Poli-160-01 Foundations-Political Theory
Poli-203-01 Politics and Inequality
Poli-203-02 Politics and Inequality
Poli-204-01 Urban Politics
Poli-206-01 US Constitutional Law
Poli-215-01 Environmental Politics/Policy
Poli-221-01 Global Governance
Poli-250-01 [no description available]
Poli-252-01 Water and Power
Poli-269-01 Empirical Research Methods
Poli-272-01 Persuasion/Political Change
Poli-294-02 Who Speaks for Whom?
Poli-294-03 American Foreign Policy
Poli-316-01 Info Policy/Politics/Law
Poli-321-01 International Security
Poli-341-01 Comparative Social Movements
Poli-400-01 Senior Research Seminar
Poli-400-02 Senior Research Seminar
Poli-400-03 Senior Research Seminar
Poli-404-01 Honors Colloquium
Poli-612-07 Independent Project
Poli-614-02 Independent Project
Poli-621-01 Internship
Poli-622-02 Internship
Poli-622-27 Internship
Poli-623-02 Internship
Poli-623-39 Internship
Poli-624-07 Internship
Poli-624-20 Internship
Poli-632-07 Preceptorship
Poli-634-44 Preceptorship
Poli-642-05 Honors Independent
Poli-642-07 Honors Independent
Poli-644-20 Honors Independent
Poli-644-23 Honors Independent
Poli-644-39 Honors Independent
Poli-644-44 Honors Independent
Poli-major Political Science Majors, Minors and concentration
Port-111-01 Accelerated Beg Portuguese
Port-111-02 Accelerated Beg Portuguese
Port-194-01 Shared Legacies
Port-331-01 Oral and Written Expression
Port-632-01 Preceptorship
Port-major Portuguese Majors, Minors and concentration
Psyc-100-01 Introduction to Psychology
Psyc-100-02 Introduction to Psychology
Psyc-100-l1 Introduction to Psychology Lab
Psyc-100-l2 Introduction to Psychology Lab
Psyc-100-l3 Introduction to Psychology Lab
Psyc-100-l4 Introduction to Psychology Lab
Psyc-180-01 [no description available]
Psyc-194-01 Psychology and/of Climate Chg
Psyc-194-02 Applied Cognition
Psyc-201-01 Research in Psychology I
Psyc-201-l1 Research in Psychology I Lab
Psyc-201-l2 Research in Psychology I Lab
Psyc-220-01 Educational Psychology
Psyc-242-01 Cognitive Psychology
Psyc-242-l1 Cognitive Psychology Lab
Psyc-244-01 Cognitive Neuroscience
Psyc-244-l1 Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
Psyc-248-01 Behavioral Neuroscience
Psyc-248-l1 Behavioral Neuroscience Lab
Psyc-254-01 Social Psychology
Psyc-258-01 Industrial/Organizational Psyc
Psyc-270-01 Psyc of Sustainable Behavior
Psyc-272-01 Health Psychology
Psyc-301-01 Research in Psychology II
Psyc-370-01 Understand/Confront Racism
Psyc-377-01 Moral Psychology
Psyc-380-01 Comm Psyc/Public Health
Psyc-390-01 Pain and Suffering
Psyc-394-01 Intelligence
Psyc-394-02 [no description available]
Psyc-401-01 Directed Research in Psych
Psyc-401-02 Directed Research in Psych
Psyc-494-01 Internship Capstone
Psyc-611-21 Independent Project
Psyc-612-11 Independent Project
Psyc-612-12 Independent Project
Psyc-612-14 Independent Project
Psyc-612-19 Independent Project
Psyc-614-19 Independent Project
Psyc-621-12 Internship
Psyc-622-02 Internship
Psyc-622-12 Internship
Psyc-major Psychology Majors, Minors and concentration
Reli-100-01 Introduction to Islam
Reli-110-01 The Big Questions
Reli-111-01 Introduction to Buddhism
Reli-120-01 The Jewish Bible
Reli-194-02 Virginity: Mary to Millennials
Reli-194-03 Islam, Race and Politics
Reli-223-01 Orthodoxy and Heresy
Reli-235-01 Theorizing Religion
Reli-294-01 Intro to Rabbinic Literature
Reli-294-02 Intermediate Hebrew I
Reli-354-01 Human Sacrifice
Reli-612-21 Independent Project
Reli-634-03 Preceptorship
Reli-644-03 Honors Independent
Reli-644-06 Honors Independent
Reli-major Religious Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Renewablesmetering [no description available]
Russ-101-01 Elementary Russian I
Russ-101-l1 [no description available]
Russ-101-l2 [no description available]
Russ-203-01 Intermediate Russian I
Russ-203-l1 [no description available]
Russ-203-l2 [no description available]
Russ-250-01 Terrorism and Art
Russ-251-01 19th C Russian Lit Translation
Russ-256-01 Mass Culture Under Communism
Russ-294-01 Russian Fairy Tales/Folklore
Russ-294-02 Revolutionary Russia
Russ-305-01 Advanced Russian I
Russ-604-01 Tutorial
Russ-major Russian Majors, Minors and concentration
Russian-l Russian Notification List
S11studyabroad Spring 2011 Study Away
Scs [no description available]
Sean-test [no description available]
Seriecenter-advisory [no description available]
Seriecenter-newvisitorsandpostdocs [no description available]
Seriecenter-ntt-announce Visiting and Non-tenure Track (NTT) Faculty
Seriecenter-retiredfaculty [no description available]
Seriecenter-staff [no description available]
Sesupervisors Student Employment Supervisors
Soci-110-01 Introduction to Sociology
Soci-190-01 Criminal Behavior
Soci-194-01 Inequality in United States
Soci-194-02 Political Divides/Social Class
Soci-210-01 Sociology of Sexuality
Soci-232-01 Social Entrepreneurship
Soci-275-01 [no description available]
Soci-294-01 Consumerism
Soci-294-02 [no description available]
Soci-480-01 Senior Seminar
Soci-624-23 Internship
Soci-major Sociology Majors, Minors and concentration
Sosc-major Social Science Majors, Minors and concentration
Span-101-01 Elementary Spanish I
Span-101-02 Elementary Spanish I
Span-101-l1 [no description available]
Span-101-l2 [no description available]
Span-101-l3 [no description available]
Span-101-l4 [no description available]
Span-101-l5 [no description available]
Span-102-01 Elementary Spanish II
Span-102-02 Elementary Spanish II
Span-102-l1 [no description available]
Span-102-l2 [no description available]
Span-102-l3 [no description available]
Span-102-l4 [no description available]
Span-102-l5 [no description available]
Span-102-l6 [no description available]
Span-110-01 Accelerated Beginning Spanish
Span-194-01 [no description available]
Span-203-01 Intermediate Spanish I
Span-203-02 Intermediate Spanish I
Span-203-03 Intermediate Spanish I
Span-203-04 Intermediate Spanish I
Span-203-l1 [no description available]
Span-203-l2 [no description available]
Span-203-l3 [no description available]
Span-203-l4 [no description available]
Span-203-l5 [no description available]
Span-203-l6 [no description available]
Span-203-l7 [no description available]
Span-203-l8 [no description available]
Span-203-l9 [no description available]
Span-204-01 Intermediate Spanish II
Span-204-02 Intermediate Spanish II
Span-204-03 Intermediate Spanish II
Span-204-l1 [no description available]
Span-204-l2 Intermediate Spanish II Lab
Span-204-l3 [no description available]
Span-204-l4 [no description available]
Span-204-l5 [no description available]
Span-204-l6 [no description available]
Span-204-l7 [no description available]
Span-204-l8 [no description available]
Span-220-01 Accelerated Intermed Spanish
Span-305-01 Adv Oral/Written Expression
Span-305-02 Adv Oral/Written Expression
Span-305-03 Adv Oral/Written Expression
Span-305-04 Adv Oral/Written Expression
Span-305-05 Adv Oral/Written Expression
Span-307-01 Intro to Analysis Hisp Texts
Span-308-01 Intro to U.S. Latinx Studies
Span-309-01 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics
Span-355-01 Cultural Resistance/Survival
Span-376-01 Spanish Dialectology
Span-385-01 The U.S./Mexico Border
Span-394-01 Spanish for Heritage Speakers
Span-major Spanish Majors, Minors and concentration
Staff-announce-l All-Staff messages from Macalester College
Stat-112-01 Introduction to Data Science
Stat-112-02 Introduction to Data Science
Stat-125-01 Epidemiology
Stat-125-02 Epidemiology
Stat-125-all Epidemiology
Stat-155-01 Intro to Statistical Modeling
Stat-155-02 Intro to Statistical Modeling
Stat-155-03 Intro to Statistical Modeling
Stat-155-04 Intro to Statistical Modeling
Stat-155-05 Intro to Statistical Modeling
Stat-155-06 Intro to Statistical Modeling
Stat-253-01 Stat Machine Learning
Stat-253-02 Stat Machine Learning
Stat-253-all Stat Machine Learning
Stat-354-01 Probability
Stat-354-02 Probability
Stat-494-01 Correlated Data
Stat-494-02 Correlated Data
Stat-494-all Correlated Data
Stat-611-09 Independent Project
Stat-major Statistics Majors, Minors and concentration
Stitzeltest [no description available]
Student-announce-l Announcements to Macalester Students
Student_athletes Announcement list for student athletes
TenureTrackFaculty A list for pre-tenure faculty on the tenure track
Test-macdaily-l [no description available]
Thda-105-01 Seeing Performance/Twin Cities
Thda-120-01 Acting I
Thda-21-01 African-based Mvmt I
Thda-220-01 Voice and Speech
Thda-221-01 [no description available]
Thda-232-01 Crafting the Tangible
Thda-232-l1 Crafting the Tangible Lab
Thda-235-01 [no description available]
Thda-250-01 Experiential Anatomy
Thda-263-01 African American Theater
Thda-294-01 Creative Non-Fict Performance
Thda-294-02 [no description available]
Thda-360-01 Acting II
Thda-375-01 [no description available]
Thda-399-01 [no description available]
Thda-41-01 [no description available]
Thda-43-01 [no description available]
Thda-490-01 Capstone/Honors Seminar
Thda-51-01 Ballet I
Thda-53-01 Ballet III
Thda-60-01 Afri-based Mvt Ensemble
Thda-614-01 Independent Project
Thda-614-03 Independent Project
Thda-80-01 Performance Practice
Thda-81-01 Technical Practice
Thda-major Theater & Dance Majors, Minors and concentration
Thistlemembers [no description available]
Urbs-major Urban Studies Majors, Minors and concentration
Visa2015 Intl Students Class 2015 on Visas
Visa2016 Intl Students Class 2016 on Visas
Visa2017 Intl Students Class 2017 on Visas
Visa2018 Intl Students Class 2018 on Visas
Visa2019 Intl Students Class 2019 on Visas
Visa2020 Intl Students Class 2020 on Visas
Visa2021 Intl Students Class 2021 on Visas
Visa2022 Intl Students Class 2022 on Visas
Visa2023 Intl Students Class 2023 on Visas
volleyball-l Club Volleyball
Wgss-100-01 Intro to Wom/Gend/Sexuality St
Wgss-102-01 Gender and Sport
Wgss-150-01 Lang/Gend Japanese Society
Wgss-194-01 History of Childhood
Wgss-220-01 Feminist Re-constructions
Wgss-240-01 Comparative Feminisms
Wgss-263-01 Muslim Women Writers
Wgss-294-01 Who Speaks for Whom?
Wgss-300-01 Advanced Feminist/Queer Theory
Wgss-394-01 [no description available]
Wgss-394-03 Parisian Women, 1730-2010
Wgss-634-09 Preceptorship
Wgss-642-21 Honors Independent
Wgss-644-32 Honors Independent
Wgss-major Womens Gender Sexuality St Majors, Minors and concentration
WHAM [no description available]
WhatMacMeans [no description available]
Womenslives Womens Lives Project
Writing-workshop-invited [no description available]
Writing-workshop-participant [no description available]

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